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Why You Lose Weight On Keto

Why You Lose Weight On Keto

Fads, myths and magic pills step aside! The KEETZ way of living works and we’ll tell you why! Ketosis is a naturally occurring energy system that we can activate by simply changing the way we fuel our body.

To understand why and how we lose weight on Keto, it’s important to first examine how the body usually metabolizes food.

How Your Body Works

The body usually sources its energy from carbohydrates, which are broken down into glucose. Glucose is transported throughout the body to the cells by the hormone Insulin. Excess glucose is converted into fats and stored throughout the body. Not what we want!

TheKetogenic diet is designed to shift your source of fuel from glucose to fats, by triggering the body to shift into a state of ketosis. When in this state, fats are converted into ketones in the liver, and then transported throughout the body to the cells.

So how does ketosis help you lose weight?

Burn Fat Constantly

The Ketogenic diet turns your body into a fat burning machine. In ketosis, your body is able to fuel itself using fats. This means that in Ketosis, your body is able to burn your fat stores for energy. You lose weight because your body is able to burn fat all the time, whether you are hitting the gym, or sitting on the couch. NOW THAT’S WHAT WE LIKE TO HEAR!

No Excess Carbs

When your body is using its normal metabolic system, it stores excess glucose as fats. You are only consuming a minimal amount of carbohydrates on a Keto diet. This means there should be no excess glucose, and your body should not be creating any new fat stores. Perfect!

No Sugar Cravings

In times of fasting your body will usually crave sugar and carbohydrates, as it associates these with energy. Sugar is an incredibly addictive substance.

Acting on impulse and giving into these cravings will likely end in overconsumption of carbohydrates - leading to excess glucose being stored as fat.

When you consistently steer clear of carbs, your body should no longer experience any sugar cravings. Your body should learn to associate energy with fats, instead of glucose. Check out our recipes section for some epic snacks that’ll knock the cravings on its head.  

Heightened Energy

When in ketosis, your body is able to constantly burn fats, providing you with a constant source of energy. These consistent and heightened energy levels should leave you with more energy and more motivation to get up and get active. Doing more physical activity will contribute to your weight loss.

Sustainable Food Intake

The Ketogenic diet doesn’t focus on restricting calories for the purpose of weight loss. It allows you to eat a substantial amount of food that should leave you full.

On Keto, you’re not sacrificing your day-to-day health and happiness for the purpose of weight loss. We think the diet is more maintainable than most weight loss diets. There’s no end goal, no stop date in mind, just keep it going! The Keto journey will continue to reward you with all the health benefits and beyond, well past the point of fitting into those skinny jeans in the back of the closet.


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