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what is ketosis

What is Ketosis?

Yep, the rumors are true. Ketosis is amazing! But what the hell is it?!

Imagine a world where we magically burn fat constantly, even while we sleep! We like the sound of that world and well, we’re living in it.

The KEETZ way of life is all about kicking goals in ketosis. Our KEETZ products (alongside the Keto diet) are designed to transition and boost your body into a state of ketosis. But before we get into all of this, it’s important to first understand how your body functions.

How Your Body Works

The body uses glucose as its main source of energy. This is because we’re all out there eating a bunch of carbs!

Carbohydrates and sugars are consumed, and broken down into glucose. The Pancreas then produces the hormone Insulin. Insulin transports the glucose through the bloodstream and into the cells of your organs and muscles, where it is used to power these cells. Which doesn’t sound bad, right?

Glucose that is not used as a source of energy is transported to the liver. Here it is converted into glycogen, to be used as a backup energy source. The body can only store a very minimal amount of glycogen (less than 3.5oz) and the remaining excess glucose is converted to fat and stored throughout the body. Not ideal!


Ketosis is the state the body enters into to survive starvation. It is a function that evolved when humans were hunter-gatherers and finding food was a lot harder than it is now.

When carbohydrates are not being consumed, the body will recognize that glucose can no longer be relied on as its main energy source. The body will first use up the small glycogen stores, before switching to your stored fat.

Fat is released and transported to the liver where it is converted into ketones. These ketones transport themselves through the body and directly to the cells where they are used as energy. Which sounds great, right?

Ketosis is this state where ketones are being used for energy instead of glucose.

On a regular diet, your energy levels will spike after eating, and gradually fall until you next eat. Ketosis allows the body to be constantly producing energy. This leads to moresustained energy levels and improved function of the body and brain. Amazing!

what is ketosis

The Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis

The Ketogenic Diet is designed to trigger ketosis, and shift the body away from using glucose as an energy source. The Keto Diet consists of a high fat intake, a medium protein intake, and a low carbohydrate intake.

Eating a high fat intake combined with a low carb intake will mean your body will turn both fat stores and the fat you consume into ketones. It provides enough fat to sustain ketosis beyond a temporary state, so that you can constantly experience the benefits of ketosis.   

The low carbohydrate intake of the Ketogenic Diet aims to stop your body from shifting back to its regular function. Eating carbs will signal the body to stop using ketones for energy, and transition back to glucose. If carbohydrates are reintroduced, the body will rebuild the fat stores from excess glucose to allow survival in the future.

That all sounds scientific and a lot of information but Ketosis is much simpler to understand than you would imagine. It’s effective, fast acting and the results are amazing. All you need is the know-how and the willingness to change your diet. It’s changed our lives here at KEETZ and millions of others around the world.

For more Keto info covering everything from tips, tricks, recipes and radical advancements in the movement, check our articles here, and get around our great tasting KEETZ products to help you along the way.


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