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Can I Have Coffee On Keto?

Here at KEETZ we love our coffee and if you’re reading this there’s no doubt you do, too!

The great news is you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite vice now that you’ve joined the KEETZ revolution. But here’s the kicker. If the way you currently chug down your coffee is going to kick you out of Keto, you’ll need to make some adjustments.

Here are some KEETZ tips to keep you on track.  

Avoid Hidden Carbs

The Golden Rule is always the same. If you want to stay in KEETZ, yourKetogenic Dietary Ratio must be on point. This means avoiding high fructose juices, vegetable juice and processed drinks like milk, soft drinks, alcohol and sports drinks – all of which are high in sugar and carbs.

Coffee in its raw form doesn’t actually contain carbs.  What you add to your coffee is the make or break factor. You’ll need to implement some small changes to the way you currently order it if you want to stay on track and see your best results.

Take a Latte from Starbucks for example. A standard Grande contains 230 calories, 19g of which is derived from carbohydrates, milk being the perpetrator. A Grande Americano with a little unsweetened almond milk and sweetener on the other hand, contains only 60 calories and 5g of carbs. Big difference!    

Milk & Creamers

Milk and most creamers contain carbs that need to be factored in. If a black coffee is not your idea of a good time, alternatives like Almond Milk contain significantly less carbs than regular dairy milk. For example, unsweetened Almond Milk contains only 0.1g of carbs per 100mls, compared to regular full cream milk, which contains 4.8g.

We always stock unsweetened Coconut Milk in the fridge at KEETZ HQ but there are other alternatives such as Unsweetened Almond, Soy, Flaxseed, Pea Protein, and Hemp Milk. Do your research as to which brands are best as ingredients vary.

Sugar free creamers are also available from most of the brands that produce regular creamers.


There’s a wide range of natural and unnatural artificial sweeteners and their impact on your health is a popular debate. If you need a sweetener, natural occurring sweeteners such as Stevia or Erythritol are available. Both are free of carbs, produce no energy and will have zero impact on your dietary intake ratio.

Try Keto Coffee

If you’ve tried intermittent fasting, you’ve most likely tried Keto Coffee or Bulletproof Coffee. This utilizes the energy benefits of coffee, specifically the caffeine, whilst avoiding traditional additives altogether.

keto coffee

To make it get some black coffee and add in grass-fed butter and coconut oil or MCT oil. Blend it together and boom! You have a magic potion that will keep your energy high and your hunger satisfied.

By using products like MCT oil made specifically with the Ketogenic Diet in mind, you can boost your ketones at the same time as getting your caffeine hit.

If you’re craving your creamy coffee favorite and give into temptation, it’s important to get back on track by adjusting the rest of your daily diet to compensate.

Get Back On Track

We all cheat now and then, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. KEETZ Exogenous Ketone Products will get you back into Keto in no time, and can be easily kept on hand to save the day. Read more about our great tasting KEETZ products here.


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